Melinda Seras

I enrolled with Good Sign Tutorial for driving lessons after two (2) unpleasant driving lesson experience with others. And I’m glad to say that not only I did not regret it, but it made driving a whole new experience for me.
The instructor at Good Sign Tutorial is very knowledgeable in terms of traffic laws, the vehicle and the attitude of people around you. Here, you learn not only defensive driving but SENSIBLE DRIVING as well. That is, intelligent driving with a heart. What’s the difference with defensive driving and sensible driving is that, with the first, you are more informed of the things to do when you’re in that driving situation. Sensible driving is more pro-active. It first equip you with all the things you should learn, the evident or well-known facts about the traffic like the signs, the laws, then it also teaches you about the psychology of the traffic. The unwritten laws of the streets. The things only good sense of judgement can discern. And quite surprisingly, you learn these too from Good Sign Tutorial.
May I add that the fee is very fair. You really get your money’s worth. And much more. The terms and schedules are flexible and the staff are very, very accommodating.

If you want to learn sensible driving, enrolling with Good Sign Tutorial would be the best move you’ll ever make. Yes, you can drive your car and be like a star. One that lights your ways…and others too.

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