April Rose A. Roncal

In Driving Tutorial: The Instructor explained it well on how and what are the basic proper procedure and purposes on how to become a good driver. In my first day I brought my mother with me and also Sir Erick brought the new applicant named Ruel , but he wasn’t able to work in the specific establishment , Sir Erick teach us what are the names of the parts of the car that can be seen inside and out and the proper uses and its purposes of the objects he is pointing through there car Toyota Vios. And from my second day to my last fifth day of driving lesson with my aunt , my instructor which is Sir Brian R. Garcia brought us in a Heavy and Light traffic (in bajada, ponciano, magallanes, claveria, san pedro, r. castillo ) , Uphill and Downhill (at the old airport at Sasa). Left and Right turning ( near Central Bank). And also he explained us about BLOW BAAG and troubleshooting how to maintain the car to have its newness in appearance and also in its engine and also the basic car parts that can be seen under the hood and at the trunk.

In Theoretical Lessons: Ms. May explained the topics on how to become a defensive driver on what are the proper procedure , purposes and techniques how to get rid of from a dangerous accidents and all of safety tips that we may adopt for our safety during our travel elsewhere ,she explained it clearly

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